I would like to highlight to you the
wonderful and helpful attitude of
your Manager, Kenny, at
Better Vision Novena Square.
On Friday morning,
my right eye was in severe pain
and Better Vision happened
to be the first shop I chanced
upon. Kenny, very kindly
attended to me, checked my
eyes upon my request and gave
me sound advise and the
necessary precautions to take.
I offered to pay for his
services but he did not want
to take any payment for it.
Instead he asked that I return
in future if I needed optical
services. He is obviously a kind
and compassionate person with
a caring disposition and has the
company's interest at heart.

Indeed, this world would be a
much better place if we had
more people like Kenny around.
Better Vision is very fortunate
to have an employee like Kenny.
In future, if I were to think of
optical services, it would certainly
be Better Vision.

With gratitude,
Juliana Khng

Dear Sirs,

A note of compliment to your
company and your staff,
Mr. Edwin Tan at Novena Square
Singapore. Whenever I return to
Singapore I try to patronize the
shop. I wouldn't return if the
service is poor. Mr Edwin Tan
has always served me with
professionalism and I remember his
colleagues there are very friendly too.


This time in response to my
request, he wrote an excellent letter to
the eye doctor in the USA
convincing him to order the
contact lenses for me. Pls. see
the following email messages
and also another email where
the letter is attached.
May your company keep up
the good vision of employing
quality people. I am in the
teaching profession, I enjoy
meeting fine young people who
show pride and interest in
their work. Mr Edwin Tan is
one of them.

My Best Wishes,
Dr Tze-yue G.Hu


Dear Jason,

Thanks so much for your great survice.

I would surely recommend people to Better Vision, North Point.





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